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Application Form
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Post #1: 25th Feb 2015 10:08 PM 
Below is the application form we require potential players to fill in. Applications are open until the end of April.

Application Form

Character Details
Labyrinth is entirely anonymous. Everybody has to play a character they will be posting in the game as. There's no penalty for posting out of character, but please keep your identity private throughout the game. The game tends to work better when people stay in character, but that's not heavily enforced.

Character details may be altered to fit with the setting of the game. If there are any alterations, I'll discuss them with you first. Characters will typically be adjusted for tone and realism. It's a fictional world, so real people or pre-existing characters will typically be cut. Non-human characters will also typically be cut. There have been notable exceptions to this in past games, and may be again. If I really like the character, I'll try to make it work no matter what.

Don't feel constrained too much by the game's setting and the plot of the prologue. It's fun to have a variety of different characters, it makes the game more vibrant.

If characters have to be altered in any way, your application won't be penalised.

Please provide the following details for your character:

Opt-out: You can choose to opt-out and not specify details. In this case I'll create a character for you. If you choose to opt-out, please specify a gender(s) for the character you want to play as.
Name: Your character's Name.
Avatar: A picture of your character. This will form your in game avatar. It's not very restrictive, but if I can't make the image match the style of the game I may have to alter it slightly.
Background: A brief summary for your desired character's backstory. Nothing major. A single paragraph should work fine.

Gameplay Information:
This is to explain a bit about how you'll play. Give as much information as you can here.

Your best game: A brief explanation of your proudest game performance, along with details. A link to the game would be helpful.
Why you want to play: A summary of what makes you interested in playing this game.
Activity Level: Explain how active you think you'll be. As mentioned, it's not critically important you're hyper-active, it just helps to know.
Gameplay Style: How do you play games in general? How do you intend to play this one?

Contact Address:
I need a point of contact to get in touch before the game starts. Make sure it's something you're likely to check, so I can get hold of you in a timely fashion. This can be an instant messenger account, a forum you post on or an email address. As long as it's a reachable point of contact, it's fine. Please check this point of contact throughout the application process.

You can send the form to: paulus2@hotmail.co.uk

Applications done via any of the other listed contact details in the pinned contact thread are also acceptable.

Best of luck with the application. Hope to see you in the game.
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